Clean 'make check' against gcc -fsanitize=address,undefined

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sat Jun 27 14:48:01 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-25 21:20, Julien ÉLIE wrote:
>>> "-fsanitize=address,undefined" did not trigger any warning for them?
>> It didn't.  I expect they don't access the uninitialized parts of the
>> structure.  Dynamic analysis can only reveal limited classes of issues...
> Such accesses could be something that static analysis could find,
> though.  What has already been initialized is normally known.  At least
> for the kind of calls we do (no dynamic variable).  Isn't it strange
> that static analysis tools do not manage to catch that?

The Clang analyser is quite incomplete too!


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