Transit server not transmitting all articles

Chris Knipe savage at
Wed Aug 24 08:32:15 UTC 2016

Hi Guys,

I have a reader server (with overview) where users post articles to.  The
articles are fed to a transit server (no overview), and from the transit
server it is pushed through to my various peers.

Recently (not sure when so not sure what changed) something strange started
to happen where the transit servers seems to give the following behavior:

- Articles are received correctly from all peers
- Articles received from peer 1 are queued for peer 2 and visa versa
- Articles received from the reader is MOSTLY not queued for any peers

On the transit server, I have managed to find a good example.  news log
file indicates:
Aug 24 09:04:55.028 +
<JunpI9pXCUdlkrkXXVoi at poster.domain> 398454 inpaths!
Aug 24 09:04:55.106 +
<MGoJ4aNBgb9au8wl2LzG at poster.domain> 399825 inpaths! peer1 peer2 peer3

The first article was received from the reader server, but it was not sent
to any peers... The second article was received from the same reader
server, but WAS sent to all the peers

Obscured headers for the articles taken from the reader server where they
where posted:
From: Zebravinkjet at ing <gaatjegeenreetaan at>
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.dvd,alt.binaries.ftd,alt.binaries.moovee,,alt.binaries.x
Subject: [360/371] - <obscured> yEnc (35/301)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 07:04:54 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <JunpI9pXCUdlkrkXXVoi at poster.domain>
X-Newsreader: JBinUp 0.90 Beta 8 - Build: 738 (
X-No-Archive: yes
Xref: alt.binaries.dvd:5243059 alt.binaries.ftd:1301422
alt.binaries.moovee:552733 alt.binaries.x:2301239

From: Place_Team <Place_Team at>
Newsgroups: alt.binaries.dvd,,alt.binaries.x
Subject: [13/58] - <obscured> yEnc (217/261)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 07:04:55 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <MGoJ4aNBgb9au8wl2LzG at poster.domain>
X-No-Archive: yes
X-Newsreader: JBinUp 0.90 Beta 8 - Build: 738 (
Xref: alt.binaries.dvd:5290497

inpaths!:!local*,*:Tc,WP:/opt/inn/bin/ninpaths -p -d




INN 2.6.0, and I'm completely at a loss here as to what is happening here...

PS: All newsgroups exist on both the reader as well as transit server.


Chris Knipe
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