potential buffer overrun in innd/art.c due to strlcpy misuse

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sat Jan 23 11:04:45 UTC 2016

Russ Allbery mentioned that INN uses strlcpy and strlcat, and I looked through 
the code by hand to see how well that was working out. I noticed that all uses 
ignored the returned value, except for one place in innd/art.c. Unfortunately 
that usage assumes that strlcpy returns strlen(dst) afterwards, but strlcpy 
actually returns strlen(src). This looks like it could lead to a buffer overrun. 
Also, the code does not appear to ensure that the result is null-terminated 
(this is due to its appending ' ' without checking whether the space fits).

Proposed untested patch attached.

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