Question about ovdb transaction

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Nov 18 21:50:36 UTC 2017

Hi Kamil,

> In ovdb manual, at "numrsprocs" we can read:
> "each ovdb_server can process only one transaction at a time"
> What is "transaction" in this context?
> Post new article? Query?

I've just had a look at the code (as I personally never used ovdb and do 
not know much about it).
I can confirm ovdb_server is only used to access overview data in 
*read-only mode*.  That is to say, it gives the information needed in 
response to NNTP commands like GROUP, LIST, NEWNEWS, (X)HDR, (X)OVER or 
XPAT.  It will also give the token related to an article number so that 
the storage manager can then retrieve them (for the ARTICLE command e.g.).

When posting a new article, ovdb_server is not used.
innd directly calls the ovdb backend mechanism to add the relevant 
overview data.

I hope my answer will help you.
I'll update the ovdb_server man page to mention a bit more information 
than there currently is.

Julien ÉLIE

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