[Patch] Clarify incoming peer hostname meaning

Tanguy Ortolo tanguy at ortolo.eu
Fri Sep 1 15:31:28 UTC 2017


While configuring a personal new server for the first time, I had some 
doubts about how INN processes the hostname parameter in peer 
definitions in incoming.conf. Indeed, the incoming.conf(5) manpage 
indicates this is the peer FQDN, but a host is likely to have several 
FQDNs, and there are two ways to check an incoming connection against a 
host name: reverse-resolving the source IP address, or direct-resolving 
the configured host name.

After testing, it appears INN is using the later (which is excellent 
news, because it means one can declare any of a peer's host names he 
prefers). I have therefore prepared a tiny patch against 
doc/pod/incoming.conf.pod, to clarify this.


Tanguy Ortolo
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