No Injection-Date: if Message-ID: present?

Russ Allbery eagle at
Sun Sep 10 17:18:04 UTC 2017

Thomas Hochstein <inn-workers at> writes:

> After a bit of testing it seems that I *do* get Injection-Date: set if
> I don't submit a Message-ID: when posting (to nnrpd). If I include my
> own Message-ID: to the POSTed message, Injection-Date: is *not* added
> (but Injection-Info: is).

   11.  If the proto-article already had an Injection-Date header field,
        it MUST NOT be modified or replaced.  If the proto-article had
        both a Message-ID header field and a Date header field, an
        Injection-Date header field MUST NOT be added, since the proto-
        article may have been multiply injected by a posting agent that
        predates this standard.  Otherwise, the injecting agent MUST add
        an Injection-Date header field containing the current date and

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