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Russ Allbery eagle at
Sat Jun 29 18:42:21 UTC 2019

ISC sent these along since they're redoing their web site and won't be
tracking the numbers any longer.  Thought this was moderately

| Hi Russ,
| You may have noticed that ISC has a new web site. Don't worry, INN is
| still available for download.  (
| is still there where it used to be - but we now ALSO have a
| (free) service from Fastly, they are caching (which is
| the same as except that it only supports html). So, that
| means, going forward, we won't have any way of telling how many copies
| of anything are being downloaded.
| While I was packing up the old web site in straw, in preparation for
| ceremonial burning, I thought you might be interested in what little
| stats we have on your downloads. I know you also have these posted
| elsewhere, so this is only part of the picture.
| 2.6.3 - 414
| 2.6.2 - 3908
| 2.6.1 - 1948
| 2.6.0 - 4544

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