Static builds & snapshots

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Tue Dec 1 11:22:44 UTC 2020

>> We could just build with all variations every snapshot run with a make
>> distclean between them.  CPU is cheap.  The cron job that does that just
>> runs support/mksnapshot, so feel free to commit whatever iteration of
>> options you think would be good to test to that script.
> OK, I've just committed to CURRENT the following variations:
>      ./configure --with-perl --with-python
>      ./configure --disable-shared
>      ./configure --enable-tagged-hash
>      ./configure --enable-keywords --without-bdb --without-krb5 \
>          --without-openssl --without-sasl --without-zlib
>      ./configure --enable-largefiles
> (Perl and Python are the only optional packages that need being 
> explicitly passed to configure so as to be used, even though libraries 
> are installed on the system.)
> Let's see if tomorrow's snapshot generation will work fine.

Seems like it worked fine, though generation takes 25mn more.

   inn-CURRENT-20201129.tar.gz	2020-11-29 02:08	2.5M	
   inn-CURRENT-20201130.tar.gz	2020-11-30 02:09	2.5M	
   inn-CURRENT-20201201.tar.gz	2020-12-01 02:35	2.5M	

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