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Thu Dec 24 08:17:07 UTC 2020

Hi Bo,

>> Having a look at aioe's innreport:
>>   https://news.aioe.org/stats/innreport-reports/
>> Incoming articles seem to be less than 1000/hour, 15000/day for a
>> full-text feed.
>> 1000/hour is less than 3 articles per 10s. Like you say, we could 
>> advise admins to look at their daily reports and adjust the time 
>> limit accordingly.  The question is how will they choose the
>> number of articles in a transaction (30s for about 9 articles, 60s
>> for 18...).
> Eternal September doesn't have much more traffic either.
>      https://www.eternal-september.org/stats/index.html
> Are there any INN sites that do?

If someone uses INN with a binaries feed, yes, but I doubt it is the case.
Specific servers like news.gmane.io may receive more messages too.

(in 2014)
"There are roughly 45 billion articles stored on our servers and on 
average, we receive between 450 and 500 articles per second. In fact, in 
the past 2000 days, 1 exabyte of data has been transferred."

Gosh, 500 articles per second for binaries!

So, should the default values be changed to reflect normal usage of text 
feeds?  (30 seconds and 1,000 articles for a transaction?)

Julien ÉLIE

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