New ovsqlite overview storage method available for testing

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Dec 25 11:55:19 UTC 2020

Merry Christmas all!

I've just committed to CURRENT the new overview storage method based
on SQLite.  Thanks again to Bo Lindbergh for his very appreciated 
addition to the existing methods!

We now need to test ovsqlite more widely.  In case you wish to test it, 
just grab tomorrow's CURRENT snapshot (or update your local Subversion 
repository) and switch to ovsqlite.

Here is the procedure for an overview rebuild:

     1.  Set the new overview storage method "ovsqlite" in the 
*ovmethod* parameter
         in inn.conf.

     2.  Check that "ovsqlite.conf" is correctly installed in
         *pathetc* and fits your needs.

     3.  Make sure that INN is stopped.

     4.  Make sure that the directory specified by the *pathoverview*
         parameter in inn.conf exists and is empty.  Otherwise, rename the
         current one (to backup existing overview data) and re-create
         *pathoverview* as the news user.

     5.  Start ovsqlite-server as the news user.

     6.  Run "makehistory -O -x -F" and wait for the command to

     7.  Start INN and check the logs to make sure everything is fine.
         You will normally notice that the active file is renumbered 
         takes care of that when run after an overview rebuild; otherwise,
         manually run "ctlinnd renumber ''").


Julien ÉLIE

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