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Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Mon Nov 23 07:01:09 UTC 2020

Hi Bo,
>> Out of curiosity, what is the principle of your new overview backend compared with exiting ones?
> It uses SQLite.  Oracle provoked this by redirecting me to a login page
> when I tried to download the Berkeley DB source...

Latest BerkeleyDB release 18.1.40 is still available directly from this 
link, without having to login:

Good work for SQLite; it may appear to be faster or more convenient to 
use with INN.  Keep us in touch!

Julien ÉLIE

« Pourquoi apprendre à calculer la surface d'un losange ? Au cours de ma
   vie, je n'ai jamais compté aucun losange parmi mes relations. »
   (Jacques Sternberg)

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