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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Tue Nov 24 07:59:14 UTC 2020

Hi Marco,

> I suggest that you have a look at the systemd integration patch but wait
> to merge it, because socket activation does not work yet with xexec.

Do you happen to have a new patch for socket activation?

>> In innd/python.c, you should free(path) before returning.
> Noted, thank you.
> I think that this should be merged as well after some more testing.

In the no_unused_python patch, when Python filter files are not found, 
logs are changed from error to notice:
   syslog(L_NOTICE, "python is not initialized");
   syslog(L_NOTICE, "%s not installed", path);

Shouldn't the same level (notice) be also used for Perl filters?
In lib/perl.c, PERLsetup logs it as en error:

             syslog(L_ERROR,"SERVER perl loading %s failed: %s",
                    startupfile, SvPV(errsv, PL_na));

Julien ÉLIE

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