INN2 user authentication against system users

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Feb 12 18:50:47 UTC 2021

Hi Kevin,
>> Wouldn't "ckpasswd -s" be what you are looking for?
> I have to change ckpasswd to setgid shadow,
> and i works on GNU/Linux, don't konow if it works for other OSes.

Did you try Russ' suggestion of '"ckpasswd" without the "-s" option?
It would permit to remove the setgid bit you set.

See the EXAMPLES section in to see how 
PAM can be configured.

>> Which part of the EXAMPLES section at the end of the man page would you like to emphasize more?
> I think just plain User/Password authentication over nntps should be easy. :-)

Oh, I also see that the readers.conf example file shipped with INN does 
not contain any example of ckpasswd use...

So, I suggest to:
- improve the basic readers.conf example file to add an example of 
"ckpasswd" (PAM) and "ckpasswd -f" (file) uses;
- change the examples in the readers.conf man page to use "ckpasswd" 
instead of "ckpasswd -s" (and just say in a sentence the difference);
- change the examples in the readers.conf man page to use "ckpasswd -f" 
instead of "ckpasswd -d" (using a plain file is far more easier);
- add a "QUICK START" section near the beginning of the readers.conf man 
page to just document these two most frequent uses.

Do you see any other way to improve that documentation?

Julien ÉLIE

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