INN 2.6.4 util/inndf test 6 gives different result on ppc64le on Fedora

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Tue Feb 16 14:45:22 UTC 2021

Hi Dominik,

> while preparing an update to Fedora inn package (to 2.6.4),
> I encountered this test failure on ppc64le only:
> [...]
> util/inndf..............FAILED 6
> 3.33% overview space used
> not ok 6
> I worked around this by patching the expected result to the above value
> on ppc64le only, but perhaps there's a better solution? Could this be
> related to the fact that ppc64le uses 64k page size instead of 4k?


The failing test is the one for "inndf -o".  I've fixed a bug in INN 
2.6.4 in the output of this command for buffindexed: it was always 
returning an integer instead of a 2-decimal number.
That's wht in INN 2.6.3 and earlier, the test suite was looking for 
"3.00% overview space used".  I changed the test suite to look for 
"3.17% overview space used", which was the number in a few systems I 
used for testing.  Unfortunately, I did not test that on ppc64le before 
the release.  It was a last-minute change, occurring between by whole 
portability testing (including ppc64le) and the release, sorry.

You can grab the following patch for your packaging for Fedora, which 
checks the inndf result against an integer (00 as decimals):

Julien ÉLIE

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