Test Git repository for INN

Russ Allbery eagle at eyrie.org
Fri Jul 2 20:04:08 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

It took me a lot longer than I had originally intended, but I have finally
done a test conversion of the INN repository to Git.  It is available on
GitHub at:


It will also be mirrored read-only on git.eyrie.org once it's finalized so
that we're not dependent on a single hosting site.

Please take a look and let me know if you see any errors or problems.
I've dropped the old innfeed-0.10.1 tag because I didn't think it was
serving any useful purpose.  Note that this repository was originally CVS
and then was converted to Subversion and then to Git, so there are a few
unavoidable oddities like empty or synthetic commits in the older commits
and branches.

I haven't done any of the content cleanup that we'll probably want to do,
so this should be a straight conversion of the current Subversion
repository.  Once we finalize the conversion, we can do things like add
.gitignore, drop $Id$ strings (Git doesn't support them), and so forth.

I haven't converted the Trac issues yet since that's a bit more of a
one-shot deal.  I'll do that once we're happy with the Git conversion.

To recap the previous conversation, the plan is to change the canonical
development repository to Git and to move the Trac issues to GitHub
issues, and then retire my Trac installation and Subversion hosting, which
reduces some of my load and also reduces INN's bus factor.  PRs will then
be welcome, but of course people can continue to send issues and patches

GitHub was chosen because it's (a) free (as in price), (b) widely
understood and used already, and (c) easy for me to set up.  I know some
folks have reservations about GitHub because it's not free software, and I
understand, but I don't think we're committing heavily to their platform
(everyone who has a clone of the Git repository has all the important data
and can move it elsewhere), and other things like GitLab are only open
core anyway.  Hosting everything on 100% free software (depending on the
choice of free software) loses us some useful features (I plan to set up
GitHub Actions for CI) and requires more resources that I don't really
have to spend on it.  That said, everyone is certainly welcome to mirror
the Git repository elsewhere if they want.

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