Removing obsolete control messages in INN 2.7

Russ Allbery eagle at
Wed Nov 24 22:37:33 UTC 2021

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

> Hi Russ,

>> My recollection is that this stuff is all intended for UUCP feeds.  The
>> idea is that you tell your UUCP peers what articles you have available
>> via ihave control messages, you respond with a sendme control message
>> for the articles that you want, and the sendme controlchan module
>> creates a batch file to send to that site via UUCP.

> What remains unclear is how the ihave control messages are generated
> first.

send-ihave is the script that generates the ihave control message.  Note
this bit, buried down in the bottom of the script:

    ##  Write out the batchfile as a control message, in clumps.
    while test -s ${BATCHFILE} ; do
            echo Newsgroups: to.${SITE}
            echo Control: ihave `innconfval pathhost`
            echo Subject: cmsg ihave `innconfval pathhost`
            echo ''
            ${SED} -e ${PERMESSAGE}q <${BATCHFILE}
        ) | ${INEWS} -h
        ${SED} -e "1,${PERMESSAGE}d" <${BATCHFILE} >${BATCHFILE}.tmp
        mv ${BATCHFILE}.tmp ${BATCHFILE}

Essentially, it transforms the batch for a site into an ihave control
message and posts it to the to.* newsgroup for that peer.

There is obviously no signing on those messages, and I'm not sure if INN
safely restricts who can send to the relevant to.* group and only honors
control messages in that group correctly, which would be necessary.  It
might!  I have to admit that I have never used any of the UUCP support.

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