Please generate the ChangeLog file also for snapshots

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Sep 17 21:56:59 UTC 2021

Hi Russ,

>> Following a discussion from last year, it is now the right time to
>> handle that request while updating snapshot generation.
> My feeling on this is that the Debian package shouldn't include the raw
> changelog.  It's potentially huge and it feels like a waste of space.  We
> maintain a fairly complete NEWS file that should already mention anything
> that people using INN need to know about what changed, and that's the
> useful file to install in the Debian package.

In debian/rules (in the Debian package), there previously was only 
"dh_installchangelogs ChangeLog".  The change last year seems fine as 
NEWS is present in all cases.

	if [ -e ChangeLog ]; then \
	dh_installchangelogs ChangeLog ; \
	else \
	dh_installchangelogs ; \

As we plan to no longer ship ChangeLog, and NEWS is enough, there will 
no longer be any need to override dh_installchangelogs for future INN 

> I'd like to drop ChangeLog generation from releases as well.  I know there
> were some objections here the last time I said that, but they seemed
> strange to me (IIRC, someone said they only read ChangeLog files because
> they don't trust NEWS files to be meaningful and, well, okay, but I don't
> think that's a good reason for us to do extra work to ship a ChangeLog
> file given that our NEWS file is meaningful).

Incidentally, it is now very easy with GitHub to browse that ChangeLog 
and even look at code changes at the same time.
Tag comparison gives that:

(Trac also permitted that, but not as user-friendly...)

Julien ÉLIE

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