INN indentation

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sun Sep 19 10:26:43 UTC 2021

The current stated style is, in hacking.pod:

   Use a roughly BSD indentation style but with four-space indents.  This
   means no space before the parenthesis around function arguments, open
   brace on the same line as if/while/for, and close and open brace on
   the same line as else.

However the reality is slightly more complicated: many files use tabs 
and spaces interchangeably, apparently with an assumption that the tab 
character represents 8 spaces, despite the coding style saying indent is 
4 spaces.

However some editors that assume that the tab distance and the indent 
depth always match, e.g. VS Code. It's a lot harder to figure out the 
real layout of the code as a result.

Would it be possible to adopt an indent rule in which either tabs match 
the indent depth, or tabs are not used at all, and reformat the source 
code accordingly?

(My personal preference would be to completely ban the tab character 
from source code, enforced with build time tests, since the meaning of 
the tab character depends on local configuration and it is, empirically, 
unrealistic to assume that everyone will share the same configuration.
But I don't mind what the solution is as long as it works. In the Go 
world the policy is "indent = 1 tab" and that works in practice.)


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