INN indentation

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Sep 19 20:11:06 UTC 2021

Hi Russ,

> It's unfortunately a big flag day that breaks backporting of diffs, so
> we'd probably want to do the same thing in both the main and 2.6 branches
> at the same time

I would suggest not to consider that drawback as we can easily state 
that the next 2.6.5 release will be the final one in the 2.6 branch. 
Then we can only re-indent 2.7 (future STABLE) and leave 2.6 as-is. 
Between the time of the CURRENT 2.7 branch re-indenting and the 2.6.5 
release, let's just backport only bug fixes to the 2.6 branch.  I bet 
there won't be many of them or if there are, they will be 
straight-forward to backport.

Julien ÉLIE

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