pain specialist on wednesday at 05-00

Geraldine Donaldson sgscxeakplr at
Thu Dec 16 21:40:39 UTC 2004

medical tip:feel the strength

V'1*C.O.D,1.N  30/325

3o  P1lLS  109.Oo
60  P|LLS  189.99
9o  PILLS  259.00
18o  P1LlS  429.Oo

more Pain Relief here :

Same Day Sh1pp1ng

To St0p :

miss you

Leigh Jolly
Danapharm Clinical Research Inc., London, Ontario, N6A 1K7, Canada
Phone: 752-124-7114
Mobile: 171-517-7357
Email: sgscxeakplr at

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