Fails to build / Any development? / Licences

James A. T. Rice James_R-iscirrtoolset at
Sun Nov 6 05:30:35 UTC 2005

Hi Folks,

I've delved into the pride-tools / RAToolSet / IRRToolSet every so often 
over the years, with the usual result of them failing to build cleanly on 
my systems despite some trying (I'm not a c++ coder, I don't pretend to 
be), at which point I usually give up and wait a few more years to try 
again. I'm at that point today.

This problem still exists. OpenBSD 3.6, OpenBSD 3.8, and FreeBSD 4.2 all 
failing to compile IRRToolSet, despite having made many modifications to 
the code to try to coax it into compiling - and this is under gcc 2.95.3, 
3.3.5, and 2.95.2.

RIPE NCC transferred maintainance of the code to ISC sometime last year, 
but there doesn't seem to have been any code released since then, am I 
looking in the wrong place? Do we have the ability to ask ISC or RIPE to 
spend some time on IRRToolSet making it build cleanly across multiple 

We still evidentally have troubles with the non commercial use licence of 
the tools. A licence which exists from the RAToolSet ISI days, and 
probably can't be changed without a full reimplementation of the code.

Would it be worth finding / paying someone who could reimplement the whole 
toolset in a cleaner manner under a licence compatible with peoples 
business needs? Possibly in a language which might be more maintainable by 
the community at large, and eaiser to implement new features in (eg 

The failure to do anything here just means one thing - people will 
continue to not have the tools available which allow them to do sensible 
policy enforcement on their peers / customers, and so fail to implement 
such measures at all.

Thoughts, anyone?


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