problems observed with IRRToolSet-4.8.2 - and the mailing list!?

João Damas Joao_Damas at
Wed Feb 15 14:19:21 UTC 2006

On 10 Feb, 2006, at 16:55, Marco d'Itri wrote:

> On Feb 10, Andreas Polyrakis <apolyr at> wrote:
>> Nobody ever replied to our e-mail. I have the impression that ISC has
>> "frozen" IRRToolset (no new version since the toolset moved to ISC),
>> which, if true, is very sad since many operators use the toolset. Can
>> someone from ISC inform us if there are people commited to this  
>> project,
>> if we can expect a new version and if it is meaningfull to submit  
>> bugs
>> to the mailing list?
> I am not from ISC, but it's well known that ISC will support work on a
> project if:
> - volunteers interested in doing the work show up, or
> - somebody interested in paying ISC to do the work shows up

Sure, and if someone can suggest additional ways of getting the job  
done, we welcome them.
The time I have been able to devote to this was all sucked up by the  
transition of the infrastructure and we have had very scarce  
resources in the last 12 months to dedicate to this, even though we  
hoped to. Sometimes things just don't go the way one plans.
Recently we had someone look at getting the IRRtoolset to compile  
again. It is full of weird dependencies (like those pointed out by  
Havard some time ago).
We will be resuming maintenance, integrating patches, etc.  
Development can't de undertaken at this time because there are no  
resources and this code needs more attention than the occasional 5  
minutes (just try reading that C++.... and no offence meant to the  
original developers)
Help is appreciated, for sure.
For instance, ISC is the home for INN, but it is developed by people  
not employed by ISC, who still find it easier to have someone else  
house the project so full attention can de devoted to the  
development. It is not bad as a model for voluntary opensource  
development, I think.


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