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Mon Feb 19 23:59:06 UTC 2007

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S H A N wrote:
> hi,
> i wish to confirm that IRRToolset is still not mac friendly.
> by using the config.* from /usr/share/automake-1.6 for Mac OS X Tiger
> (10.4.8) darwin 8.8.1 i am not able to get past make all.
> i used the following configure command against gcc 4.0.1
> configure -build i686-apple-darwin
> but resulted in the following errors before exiting the make all..

S H A N,

I spent some time tracking this down. It's because we have files with similar
names but different case in the IRRToolSet source:


In HFS, when we include "util/buffer.hh" we can get "util/Buffer.hh" and the
other way around, depending on which is first in the include path for the compiler.

The fix is to make the file names unique across the entire application. I'll do
that for the next release. If someone wants to submit a patch, it'll be easier
for me (hint, hint).

As a work around, you can create a UFS file system and build on that. Or install
Linux. ;)

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