Only 3 out of the 8 tools compile !-{

Randy Bush randy at
Thu May 31 14:47:02 UTC 2007

>>>> peval() is the one critical function.
>>> To you and I, it is the critical tool, but some would say the same about
>>> RtConfig.
>> point taken.  i moved from it many years ago.  do not see the irr as a
>> place i want to reveal my internal config semantics.  but i can see that
>> others might still use it.  pretty complex puppy to maintain, though.
> As an academic  NREN (GRNET), we have nothing to hide form our internal
> config semantics. We heavily depend on RtConfig. Until now It can digest
> our delicate policy (AS5408) quite easily.
> We would like to have Rtconfig evolving in the same way as peval.

"point taken" is idiomatic for "i was wrong.  i agree with you."

apologies for idiomatic use on international list.


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