Problem with RtConfig using with differents community and prefs

Geoffroy RIVAT geo at
Tue Apr 28 19:09:49 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I'm doing some tests with RtConfig and I'm making him coredumping :)

here the deal:

RtConfig -v:
RtConfig (IRRToolSet v4.8.5) root at jail-20

import:         from AS8218 at action pref=110;
	community.append(34021:103); accept community(8218:100) or community(8218:101)
import:         from AS8218 at action pref=120;
	community.append(34021:103); accept community(8218:102)
import:         from AS8218 at action pref=200;
	community.append(34021:103); accept ANY

@RtConfig import AS34021 AS8218
@RtConfig export AS34021 AS8218

RtConfig -protocol ripe -config cisco -cisco_empty_lists -cisco_use_prefix_lists
-f as34021.txt < bgp3.conf >

Warning: filter matches ANY/NOT ANY
Warning: filter matches ANY/NOT ANY
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

If I remove one of the two first imports with only community it works.

So what's wrong?

ps : when asking a junos configuration i've got :

protocols {
   bgp {
      group peer- {
         type external;
         peer-as 8218;
         neighbor {
            import AS8218-IMPORT-1 ;
            family <8C>h^^^H<8C>h^^^H<88>8^N^H<E0>>^^^H {

does anybody know why?


Geoffroy Rivat 

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