5.0.0? was Re: RPSL automation

Andy Linton asjl at lpnz.org
Sat Jun 20 03:31:40 UTC 2009


Thanks for the work you've done on this. I've just found some time to  
build and install a test version and I'm seeing a problem that you  
should know about. In a couple of places where I'm testing this  
against a previously known working config I'm seeing output where  
'deny' lists are being corrupted to have the string 'accept;' in them  

I'm happy to dig further into this but I'm guessing you're far more up  
to speed on the code than I am.

e.g 'diff -y'  output

ip prefix-list pl64646 deny                         | ip  
prefix-list pl64646 accept;
ip prefix-list pl64646 deny le 32           | ip prefix- 
list pl64646 accept; le 32

Happy to test a modified version!


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