Problem with RtConfig

Nick Hilliard nick at
Sun Jun 28 21:46:50 UTC 2009

On 27/06/2009 03:42, Andreas Polyrakis wrote:
> The behavior is still incorrect - I am not sure if this is the same bug
> or another. In the example below, the neighbor of AS20965
> appears within the configuration for peering group prng-as5408-ibgp.
> More strangely, the neighbor appears both on import and export filters,
> although it is mentioned only on "import" of 20965! Please notice that
> the output of the older version is correct.

Ok, I see what you mean here.   The problem here was that the 
"AutNumPeeringIterator" class was returning all apparent peerings, 
including all {,mp-}{peering,import,export} lines, and there was no way of 
distinguishing between an import and an export peering.

I've put in a patch for this (r280) which reverts back to the previous way 
that this was being managed.  The patch is a little messy but it should work.

> BTW, I just noticed that v4.8.5 works fine with junos (no crashes with
> peering groups, no strange peer-as:
> protocols {
> 	bgp {
> 		group peers-PRNG-AS5408-IBGP-PART {
> 			type external;
> 			peer-as 0x168850;
> 			export policy_5408_1 ;
> 			neighbor {
> 				peer-as AS5408;
> 			}
> 			neighbor {
> 				peer-as AS5408;
> 			}
> 		}
> 	}
> }

I had noticed the peer-as problem, but am not going to fix the juniper 
configuration just yet.  I want to get the cisco configurator working 
properly first.


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