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Faidon Liambotis paravoid at
Tue Jun 30 00:28:45 UTC 2009


My name is Faidon Liambotis and I'm a systems engineer at the Greek
Research and Technology Network (AS5408). As you may already know from
Andreas' bug reports, we use rtconfig extensively.

Our operating system of choice is Debian GNU/Linux and I'm a member of
the Debian Project (a so called "Debian Developer"). Hence, it should
come as no suprise that I'd like to work on bringing IRRToolSet in the
Debian Operating System :)

This seems like a perfect time; the cruft-cleanout branch is promising,
not only because a lot of cruft has been removed but because after a
really long time, the project has a responsive upstream (we finally got
someone to notice our 4-year old bug report!).

I have already filled[1] an "Intent to Package" (ITP) bug with our bug
tracking system and I've created a preliminary package. The only part
missing right now is the copyright documentation, as required by
Debian's policies. As soon as this is completed (which, unfortunately,
is not a trivial task, compared to the package's overall simplicity),
I'll do a first upload to Debian.

I'm hoping that we can cooperate closely on this; among other things,
I'm hoping that I'll be reporting or relaying you bug reports, hopefully
with their respective fixes.

As the first step of cooperation, I'd like to learn about your release
plans. As I already said above, I'm planning on packaging the
cruft-cleanout branch; if I've understood correctly, this is going to
transform to the 5.0.0 release.

Does it worth waiting for the release or should I go along and upload an
SVN snapshot?

What is your release schedule in general? Are you following a
stable/unstable versioning scheme? Do you plan on doing frequent or
infrequent releases?

I'm looking forward to hear your comments and any other tips or advice
from you.

Best regards,

1: Actually, I reopened an old, archived bug by fellow DD Jan Wagner;
there's a good chance that we'll comaintain the package.

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