revised extended autnum patch, was: Re: Bit of tweaking to IRRToolSet web site

Nick Hilliard nick at
Mon Mar 16 15:47:11 UTC 2009

On 15/03/2009 22:02, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
> ok, this did take a bit longer. The diff attached works against svn trunk
> version 222 (but mind that you need a new but
> doesn't work for me when I regenerate it (not touched by me)).

Ok, getting there.  peval seems to have sorted itself out, but there are 
still some peculiarities in RtConfig.  I think these should be solved by 
the attached patch, which produces:

> RtConfig> @RtConfig networks AS6.4
> !
> network mask
> RtConfig>

There's a similar problem in the parser in roe, for which:

--- roe.l.old   2009-03-16 15:40:29.000000000 +0000
+++ roe.l       2009-03-16 15:41:26.000000000 +0000
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@
     LEXER_RETURN((int) *yytext);

-<USEFUL_LINE>AS[0-9]+ {
+<USEFUL_LINE>[Aa][Ss][:digit:]+(\.[:digit:]+){0,1} {

I've no idea if the roe patch works, or even compiles.

Could I suggest that in your patch for src/rpsl/rpsl/rpsl.l, that you use 
'[Aa][Ss]' instead of 'AS'?  This case sensitivity has caught me on several 
occasions, and is a violation of the principle of least astonishment.

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