RtConfig feature

Andy Linton asjl at lpnz.org
Wed May 27 21:22:07 UTC 2009

I've got a request for the group for a feature I would find useful in 

The current setup is based on the idea that RtConfig connects to a 
single server which has multiple sources. I've got a situation where I 
have a local database for the NZ Route Registry - NZRR (running on an 
IRRd server) which I want to consult first and then connect to the APNIC 
server to get APNIC and possibly other objects.

So I might call a suitably modified RtConfig like:

RtConfig -h whois.nzix.net:NZRR -h whois.apnic.net:APNIC,RADB .....


RtConfig -h whois.nzix.net,whois.apnic.net -s NZRR,APNIC,RADB .....

This is an extension of the mechanism that the IRR cache file allows but 
  is much more scalable and allows route objects.

This has been asked for before - see

I figured that while the covers are off this might be something that 
could get included.


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