Problems compiling cruft-cleanout branch on Snow Leopard and Ubuntu 9.10

Simon Knight simon.knight at
Tue Nov 17 05:06:27 UTC 2009

Hi Nick,
My PATH variable was setup so that /opt/local/bin (macports) took
precedence over /usr/bin (native).
I do not think the problem lies with Bison, as I got the same error
even once I had remove bison from macports.

I was able to get a working compilation, by the following steps:
Using my normal path (with macports) for the steps:
 svn co svn://
   cd cruft-cleanout
   autoreconf -i

This was required for the autoreconf and automake steps, as the mac
native version of autoconf I have is "autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.61",
and specifies at least 2.62 in "AC_PREREQ([2.62])"
In order for compilation to work, I then had force the use of the
native mac versions of the applications. I did this using
export PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:
I then carried out the last two steps:

Below are the versions (macports and native) for the flex:
$ /opt/local/bin/flex --version
flex 2.5.35
$ /usr/bin/flex --version
flex 2.5.35

I am not requiring irrtoolset for a production environment, so this
install process is fine for me as a once off.
Some of the above may be useful for others who are using Snow Leopard,
or who encounter similar problems in the future. If you would like any
further information for debugging, please let me know.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at> wrote:
> On 16/11/2009 05:50, Simon Knight wrote:
>> I have been trying to compile the cruft-cleanout branch on both Snow
>> Leopard and Ubuntu 9.10, without luck. I have been following the
>> instructions at
> on your mac, are you using the macports version or the native version? I.e.
> what does "bison --version" say?
> Nick

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