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Hi Nick,

I read a lot of document about IRRd and i wonder some following:

- How to my IRRd communicate with my Route Reflector Router?
- follow some document about IRRd, my IRRd will see other IRRds in Internet
and update route and AS from these one. After that, RtConfig on my IRRd will
generate script to config on my Router Reflector Router. In this case, there
is egg and chicken story. If RtConfig do something wrong, my IRRd can not go
to Internet, cause my IRRd can not update to other IRRds in Internet. So
please tell me step by step how do my IRRd work in this case?
Please find out my attachment for my topology I thinked about it.


  On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at inex.ie> wrote:

>  On 10/10/2009 18:59, Randy Bush wrote:
>> My name Hai from Viettel Corp. with AS7552. Now we would like to build 1
>>> IRRd.
>>> Please let me now how to build and connect within 1 ISP network.
>> portupgrade -N net/irrd
> Randy, don't be mean.
> Naughty Randy!
> Hai,
> an IRR daemon contains RIPE-181 style routing policy information.  A router
> contains actual prefixes and if configured correctly will forward packets
> for you.  There is no meaningful way of combining the two as they do
> completely different things.
> There is a very useful introduction to routing registries on the RIPE NCC
> web site:  http://www.ripe.net/training/.
> For your router, you need to learn about BGP.  Here are some good
> introductions:
> http://avi.freedman.net/bigbgp.ppt
> http://avi.freedman.net/bgp102.ppt
> Nick
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