Errors installing trunk version on Ubuntu 9.10

Nick Hilliard nick at
Mon Feb 1 14:52:45 UTC 2010

On 01/02/2010 13:53, Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:
> I'm having problems installing the svn trunk under Ubuntu 9.10. It
> compiles but when I do a make install I get the following:
> test -z "/home/swiesinger/bin/irrtoolset/share/man/man1" || /bin/mkdir -p "/home/swiesinger/bin/irrtoolset/share/man/man1"
>  /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 irrtoolset-errors.1 irrtoolset-errors.1 '/home/swiesinger/bin/irrtoolset/share/man/man1'
>  /usr/bin/install: will not overwrite just-created `/home/swiesinger/bin/irrtoolset/share/man/man1/irrtoolset-errors.1' with `irrtoolset-errors.1'
>  make[3]: *** [install-man1] Error 1
> Is this a problem because I use a custom prefix?

Looks like irrtoolset-errors.1 already exists in

Does this happen if your /home/swiesinger/bin/irrtoolset/ directory is
completely removed before you install?


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