How can i generate the AS path from IRR data same as found in BGP

Akmal Shahbaz akmal_shahbaz at
Fri Jan 1 07:52:26 UTC 2010


I have installed irrtoolset on Ubuntu 8 after lot of trouble as first i download 4.8.5 but it was not installing giving lot of errors which were mainly due to gcc compatibility issues.Finally after going through current mailing list i have tried the trunk version and it installed but it has removed most of tools i was interested in like prpath.

I would like to ask how i can generate the AS path from the IRR data which is advertised by some AS in BGP to compare.Is is possible using any other tool?

How similar do you think the paths would be from BGP and IRR data?

so it looks that irrtoolset 5.0 will be providing rtconfig/rpslcheck/peval which suggests that these are the tools mostly used by the community?Are there any published report/link which highlights the feature requirements of such a toolset?


Akmal Khan


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