[PATCH v2] Fix a couple of obvious 2-byte ASn limits

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at debian.org
Tue Jun 22 11:20:35 UTC 2010

Timo Koehler wrote:
> correct. I vaguely remember that someone already published a rudimentary
> patch for 4-byte ASN support back in 2008.
Yes and it's been merged for some time and released with 5.0.0, but it's
obviously incomplete/buggy.

> At that time I also wrote a patch for this, based on 4.8.5, including
> your changes and some more but never published my code because of some
> copyright problems at that time.
Are those still a problem for you? Perhaps you could share the code?

> Not sure which code base you work but in 4.8.5 I wrote this:
svn trunk, i.e. 5.0.0+

> // RE_INVALID_AS is used as default peerAS. The valid_peer_as
> // flag is used to indicate a non-default peerAS.
> +const unsigned int RE_INVALID_AS = RANGE_TOP;
5.0.0 had this as RANGE_TOP + 1 which is more correct, since RANGE_TOP
(4294967295) is a valid AS. RANGE_TOP + 1 overflows though, which is why
I decided to set RE_INVALID_AS to 0 instead (which is a reserved AS).

> And it is used in src/re2dfa/regexp_nf.hh:
>     rd_fm* dfa(ASt peerAS = RE_INVALID_AS);
Right, it's only used in assignments and equality comparisons, that's
why 0 equally works.

> rangelist.hh I also fixed a number of class constructors, like:
> -      Range(int l, int h)   : low(l),     high(h)      {}
> +      Range(unsigned int l, unsigned int h) : low(l), high(h) {}
> Let me know in case you need my asn32 code to compare against yours.
Oh, nice catch. I think we're missing those, if the copyright issues
that you mentioned are resolved perhaps you should share the changes.
I'll handle the polishing and rebasing to trunk if you don't want to.


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