rtconfig configureRouter bug?

Oliver Graf ograf at rz-online.net
Wed Oct 13 07:30:23 UTC 2010

Hi again!

C++ might not be my favorite, but what the heck...

On 13.10.2010 08:32, Oliver Graf wrote:
> I traced the problem and it seems that while the @rtconfig import will
> match the local address, the configureRouter version fails in this
> comparison, cause the mask of the local interface is compared, too.

I modeled a fix after the typeid(FilterRouterName) match which does 
compare the ips only (by checking ip version and comparing get_ipaddr() 
results). A diff is attached, this does result in the correct output for 
me. So if my assumption that this is a bug is correct, this could be the 
fix ;)

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