[PATCH] Do not use -V on RIPE/Bird WHOIS queries

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Fri Jan 7 17:46:41 UTC 2011

On Jan 07, Faidon Liambotis <paravoid at debian.org> wrote:

> We began investigating the issue after an upgrade of our internal WHOIS
> server to 3.10; specifically, irrtoolset was getting "address passing
> not allowed" and then banned.
> Naturally, at first I thought it was a bug in the new version of whoisd.
And it was, it broke rpsltool too.
I reported it to RIPE and they fixed it without further comments.

> However, RIPE's own database query reference manual[1] says:
I am aware of how -V is (badly) documented, but since the feature is
obviously not going away I see no reason to remove it from rpsltool.

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