[PATCH] Do not use -V on RIPE/Bird WHOIS queries

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Sat Jan 8 00:27:44 UTC 2011

On Jan 07, Faidon Liambotis <paravoid at debian.org> wrote:

> In which version was it fixed? Latest is 3.10.1 and seems to be still
> ???broken???.
Nevermind, I was thinking about a different bug so I do not know about
recent code.
I had the discussion with RIPE staff about support for -V on db-wg in
2003, when Can Bican replied:

 >This is a feature we supported, and we'll keep supporting it. It's a mistake
 >on our side that we'll change promptly, so please don't change the behaviour.
 >We'll make the proxy accept -V switches of these types.

> Are you suggesting that using it as a user-agent field is de facto usage
> of the field because of all the servers and clients that didn't
> implement it correctly?
Yes, among them the original RIPE whois client.

> I don't particulary mind, but if that's the case perhaps we should ask
> RIPE to adjust their documentation.
Probably yes.

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