How to connect IRR and Router (nw jsp java irr web v_5_02)

Bac Nguyen Huy huybac.nguyen at
Mon Sep 10 03:34:03 UTC 2012

I have build a IRR System (Use rrx_nw_jsp_java_irr_web_v_5_02.tar, and
IRRd, and IRRToolset.
Now, i can create text config file to config router.
But i don't know how to put it to Router automatic.
I read in packet: rrx_nw_jsp_java_irr_web_v_5_02.tar and see somthing
about SSH, v.v.

But i don't how to built a Submit button or similar to put config file
to Router.

Please help me.

Huy Bac

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