Error could not bind to port 43. Is another irrd running?

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Aug 15 21:26:43 UTC 2014

>> no one else had port 43.  the problem was that iird dropped privs
>> before trying to get the privileged port.
> not sure if this is the correct mailing list for an irrd problem

neither am i.  but i do not know the correct one.  clue bat please.

> but the code looks like it drops privileges after it opens up a socket
> on port 43, not before.  See IRRd/main.c, lines 333-346.
> I just fired up a test irrd instance on an fbsd10 dev box of mine and
> it seemed to work fine running as nonroot.

whoppens if you

    # grep irrd /etc/rc.conf
    # for irrd

> Is there something peculiar about your environment?

of course.  but how to discover which pecularity?  :)


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