output difference between 5.0.0-5.1.0

Benedikt Sveinsson benedikts at vodafone.is
Fri Oct 14 11:12:27 UTC 2016

We are currently running 

rtconfig irrtoolset-5.0.0

I just compiled VFIS-irrtoolset-5.1.0-release for XR support

I notice one difference that I can’t put my finger on..

Generating from the same file

ip prefix-list pl_3600 deny le 32

no ip community-list standard cl_3600
ip community-list standard cl_3600 deny 65000:20
ip community-list standard cl_3600 deny 65004:60300

ip prefix-list pl3600 deny le 32

no ip community-list 3606
ip community-list 3606 deny 65000:20
ip community-list 3606 deny 65004:60300

This being a minor issue, It makes it hard for us to just move to the new code as we will be in a transition where we have bunch of old community lists
Tool works perfectly for us, but we need XR code generation.

So if anyone on the list knows a simple fix for this minor discrepancy I would welcome it! – then we can just diff the whole thing ;)


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