Curious filter matches ANY/NOT ANY problem

Mark Prior mrp at
Sun Nov 5 14:58:28 UTC 2017

Maybe I'm missing something obvious but when trying to create an aut-num
for rtconfig it is complaining about ANY/NOT ANY problems with a filter
that should be OK.

The aut-num fragment in question is

mp-import:  afi ipv4.unicast {
                from AS-ANY
                    action community = { 38442:2 };
                    accept ANY AND NOT AS38442 AND NOT {^25-32 };
            } refine {
                from AS45355
                    accept AS45355;

Ignoring the NOT {^25-32 } it seems to think that
	filter "AS45355 AND NOT AS38442" matches ANY/NOT ANY

Neither of the route sets created by those AS numbers are empty and they
are different so I'm at a loss to know what it's really complaining about.

Does anyone has any insight?


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