[Kea-announce] Kea 1.5.0-P1 is now available

Michael McNally mcnally at isc.org
Wed Aug 28 21:29:57 UTC 2019

Kea 1.5.0-P1 is a security-patch release of Kea 1.5 which contains
fixes for CVE-2019-6472, CVE-2019-6473, and CVE-2019-6474.


          Kea 1.5.0-P1, August 28 2019, Release Notes

Welcome to the 1.5.0-P1 release of Kea (base version 1.5.0, patchlevel 1).
This security patch release of Kea does not introduce any new features;
it addresses three major bugs, two types of pocket of death and writing
incorrect leases to memfile (CVE-2019-6472, CVE-2019-6473, CVE-2019-6474).
Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade from 1.5.0.

Kea is a DHCP implementation developed by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
that features fully functional DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers, a dynamic DNS
update daemon, a Control Agent (CA) that provides a REST API to control
the DHCP servers, an example shell client to connect to the CA and a DHCP
performance measurement tool.  Both DHCP servers fully support server
discovery, address assignment, renewal, rebinding, release, decline,
information request, DNS updates, client classification and host reservations.
The DHCPv6 server also supports prefix delegation. Lease information can be
stored in a MySQL, PostgreSQL or Cassandra database; it can also
be stored in a CSV file. Host reservations can be stored in a
configuration file; they can also be stored in a MySQL, PostgreSQL,
Cassandra databases and to some degree also retrieved from a RADIUS

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