[kea-dev] MySQL schema update (MAC addresses in Kea6)

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Wed Dec 10 10:17:31 UTC 2014


Tickets #3599 and #3556 were just merged to master. Together they extend
the Kea capability store MAC addresses in DHCPv6 in MySQL backend.
Please be advised that if you update to the lastest master and you are
using MySQL, you'll also need to update your database schema.

There is a new tool called kea-admin. It handles database management.
Its current capabilities are modest, but we expect them to grow over
time. We also plan to update the documentation to explain how to use it.
Anyway, here are the essentials:

kea-admin lease-init mysql - will initialize your empty database to
schema 2.0

kea-admin lease-upgrade mysql - will upgrade your old database (1.0) to
new 2.0 schema

kea-admin lease-version mysql - will check which version you are running.

You may want to run kea-admin without any parameters to get help and
explanation how to use extra options (e.g. how to specify username and
password for MySQL).

If you prefer to upgrade your schema manually, there is a script for
that in ${prefix}/share/kea/scripts/mysql/upgrade_1.0_to_2.0.sh.


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