[kea-dev] backend db redundancy

alexis alzrck at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 02:05:31 UTC 2014

Guys, question, to avoid double work if you're already on this.

Generally MSO's in central and latin america (and believe me ill be
deploying heavily kea on them) uses non-clustered backends, this means
there's an HA solution like corosync+pacemaker mantaining a floating IP for
the DB service.

If i have, as an example, 2 kea dhcp servers using a database with IP which is a floating one, and there´s an external problem that
forces that to switch to a different db server (causing all
established connections to be dropped), will the dhcp servers recover from
there? (active transactions will be lost, that's ok), the question is
related to from now, will try to connect again and keep going without the
need to restart the dhcp?

if it's not covered, i believe ill be testing and working on this topic.

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