kea-dhcp4 - benchmarks (memfile and mysql)

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Fri Sep 12 15:25:58 UTC 2014

Hello again,

I've tried to benchmark Kea 0.9, using perfdhcp.
I'm measuring the number of DORA transactions/s the server is able to handle without client experiencing drops (with default perfdhcp drop-time of 1 sec).

>From Kea Update #3:
"Kea now offers reasonably high performance, leases per second wise. We managed to get over 1000 leases/sec for MySQL and 8000 leases/sec for memfile in memory-only mode on one of our high-performance servers. (Your mileage may vary.) >
I don't expect the same numbers, since I don't have the same server and setup than you do, but still these are useful comparison values.

With a persistent memfile, I get about 4100 leases/sec.
This is about half your number, but still good.

As a comparison, on the same scenario dhcpd (with a single process) handles at most 70 leases/s.

With MySQL, though, I do not manage to get anywhere your numbers.
I manage to get about 50 leases/s (which is worse than dhcpd...)

I'm using MySQL 5.6.20. I've created the schema using the script provided with the kea 0.9 package.
I left all MySQL parameters as default.

The CPU usage is very low: about 5% for mysqld, and 3% for kea-dhcp4 (both processes, as well as the datafiles, are on the same server)
Memory isn't an issue either.

I've noticed that Kea uses a single database handle.
Wouldn't that be a bottleneck ? (and isn't Kea server multi-threaded ?)

So my question is, how did you manage to get 1000 leases/s ? am I doing something wrong  ? do you have recommandations for the MySQL setup ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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