[kea-dev] Expressions in option-data

Ola Thoresen ola at nytt.no
Thu Jan 21 15:29:14 UTC 2016


We are looking into using kea as the DHCP-server in a client environment 
to auto-provision various network equipment.
In the "old" isc-dhcp you could use expressions in the DHCP-replies, like:

option bootfile-name = concat((option agent.circuit-id),".",(option 
option hostname = binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "-", substring (hardware, 1, 6));

Is there any way to replicate this behavior in kea?

I know you can use a test to classify the clients, and match on 
different options, but defining a class for each and every host to make 
it use a certain bootfile is not really feasible...


Ola Thoresen

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