[kea-dev] cassandra backend update + option definition

Razvan Becheriu razvan.becheriu at qualitance.com
Mon Jul 4 11:47:56 UTC 2016


I've created a new pool request which fixes some crashes in the cassandra
backend and also adds a re factorization of the cassandra lease manager
which is easier to use.
The changes can be found under pull request:
refactored cassandra backend and fixed issues

There is also another pull request which contains a re factorization of the
option definition and adds support for recursive space encapsulation,
cleans up code by using defines and adds support for a new data type
(psid/psid-len - a uint16/uint8 pair used by some options).
These changes can be found under pull request:
[RFCs 6334, 6603, 7598] Additional native option support

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