[kea-dev] MySQL host reservations in Github master branch?

Jeffery Harrell sparky at charlietango.com
Sun Jul 17 19:24:11 UTC 2016

I feel like I’m doing something stupid, but I’ll ask anyway: Is it possible
that MySQL host reservations are currently not working in the Github master

I discovered what I think may be a very obscure bug in 1.0.0 having to do
with OFFER replies meant for VMs running on hosts on VLAN trunks (no
seriously), so I wanted to check the latest version of the project to see
if it’s already been taken care of. I set up a lab system, cloned the repo
and made a build with –with-dhcp-mysql. I set up a new database with
dhcpdb_create.mysql from Github and inserted a host according to

This test server will happily serve up pool addresses (and will stash the
lease info in MySQL, so the database connection is for-sure working) but it
completely and obstinately ignores the contents of the hosts database
table. I’ve tried both same-subnet and through-a-relay clients and the
server claims to be unable to find a host for hardware address

Here’s the relevant part of my config file:

"interfaces-config": {
    "interfaces": [ "eth0" ],
    "dhcp-socket-type": "raw"

"lease-database": {
    "type": "mysql",
    "name": "[REDACTED]",
    "host": "[REDACTED]",
    "user": "[REDACTED]",
    "password": "[REDACTED]"

"hosts-database": {
    "type": "mysql",
    "name": "[REDACTED]",
    "host": "[REDACTED]",
    "user": "[REDACTED]",
    "password": "[REDACTED]"

"expired-leases-processing": {
    "reclaim-timer-wait-time": 10,
    "flush-reclaimed-timer-wait-time": 25,
    "hold-reclaimed-time": 3600,
    "max-reclaim-leases": 100,
    "max-reclaim-time": 250,
    "unwarned-reclaim-cycles": 5

"option-data": [
    { "name": "domain-name-servers", "data": "[REDACTED]" },
    { "name": "domain-search", "data": "[REDACTED]" }

"valid-lifetime": 3600,


        "id": [REDACTED],
        "subnet": "[REDACTED]/24",
        "valid-lifetime": 3600,
            { "name": "routers", "data": "[REDACTED]" }


And here’s the SQL statement I used to insert the host reservation:

INSERT INTO hosts (dhcp_identifier, dhcp_identifier_type,
dhcp4_subnet_id, ipv4_address, hostname) VALUES
host_identifier_type WHERE name='hw-address'), [REDACTED],

Am I doing something wrong?
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