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Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Mon Jun 6 19:51:24 UTC 2016

On 19.05.2016 10:58, Razvan Becheriu wrote:
> Please let me know how to proceed.
Hi Razvan,
I finally managed to complete this cycle of the review and posted my
comments on github. The code seems to be mostly working. There are
issues, but nothing really major that would prevent us from continuing
the work on this. Everything I found is fixable. And I'm very, very
impressed with the amount of work you put into unit-tests. I don't say
that lightly. I think this is the best unit-tested patch ISC has ever
received. So my overall impression is that you did a great work! Thank
you very much for this.

I'm not sure what's your previous experience with code reviews is. At
ISC it is common for the review to be very detailed. Some may even say
nit-picking. That's why we often try to split our tasks into smaller
tickets. But that sometimes is not possible, like with the Cassandra
code here. So I went over all my comments and listed 5 that I consider
the most essential. Just to recap, these are:

 1. rename dscsql to cass or cassandra (this is important, because it
    would eliminate nasty conflicts if we delay this rename)
 2. move TERASTREAM specific code to separate file or files (we can't
    have disabled code or customer specific code in out public repo.
    Also, moving the code to separate files will make long term
    maintenance a lot easier for you).
 3. solve the client-id issue in unit-tests (this looks like an issue in
    the LeaseMgr. There's marginal chance that the issue is with tests,
    but it's very unlikely, because those tests are passing for 3 other
 4. solve the preferred-lifetime issue in unit-tests
 5. write at least 2 missing unit-tests (for init and version) for
    kea-admin. These are essential, because every user in Kea+Cassandra
    will use them.

Once those are addressed, I think we would be able to merge the code to
Kea master. Obviously, this will be far from being done and much more
work will be needed, but we can do that in separate
tickets/branches/pull requests. Also, ISC engineers will help with some
of the tasks. Our timeline for Kea 1.1 is very tight, but we will do
what we can. For a superb feature like this we can probably bend some
schedules. :)

I have pushed couple minor fixes (and soft-wipe functionality which
improves test execution time significantly) to github21 branch.

Thanks a lot for your work on this.


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